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ZEMIAL - "For the Glory of UR" CD
  • ZEMIAL - "For the Glory of UR" CD

    Bem vindo a loja virtual de BLACK HEARTS RECORDS

    Descrição de produto:

    Southamerican Edition for Zemial - For the Glory of UR CD

    Estado: novo
    Estilo: Black Metal
    Gravadora: ΝΥΞ 


    1. The Blood Unbinds the Dragon
    2. The Tears That Wet Gethsemane
    3. Battle on the Norse Mountains
    4. Gathering Under the Red Moon
    5. Apophis - The Serpent Self
    6. Sleeping Under Tartarus
    7. The Scourge of the Kingdom
    8. Nocturnal Witch
    9. Armageddon

    R$ 45,00Preço
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