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The New Plague - Insatiable Cd

The New Plague - Insatiable Cd

Bem vindo a loja virtual BLACK HEARTS RECORDS:



The New Plague - Insatiable Cd




Estado: novo

Estilo: Black Metal

Gravadora: Deathgasm Records



Track list:



1. Hell's Mouth

2. Welcome to the End

3. Traveler of the Universal Dream

4. Diary of a Misanthrope

5. Eater of Shadows

6. Lust of the Succubus

7. Thicker than Blood

8. The Conqueror

9. Da'ath - The Afterlife

10. God Can't Save Me

11. Extreme Manifestation of Demonic Possession

12. Darkness Eternal

13. Insatiable

14. ...

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