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Dogs with Jobs - Shock CD (ex-Piledriver)
  • Dogs with Jobs - Shock CD (ex-Piledriver)

    Bem vindo a loja virtual de BLACK HEARTS RECORDS
    Descrição de produto:
    Dogs with Jobs - Shock CD (ex-Piledriver)
    Estado: Cd novo
    Estilo: Thrash Metal
    Gravadora: Tales from the Pit Records
    1. Blow My Mind
    2. Bang or Die
    3. Come and Get Me
    4. Scene of the Crime
    5. Sentenced to Die
    6. Shock
    7. I Ain't Gonna Die
    8. Ace to the Face
    9. Syphillis, Aids, and Herpes II
    10. It's Killing Time
    11. Dogs with Jobs
    12. It's Killing Time (Demo)  
    13. I Don't Know  
    14. I Want It  
    15. I'm on My Way  
    16. Scum of the Earth  
    17. Shut Yer Trap  
    18. Go Fast Turn Left 
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