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Dirty Grave - Evil Desire Cd
  • Dirty Grave - Evil Desire Cd

    Bem vindo a loja virtual BLACK HEARTS RECORDS:
    Dirty Grave - Evil Desire Cd 
    Estado: novo
    Estilo: Doom Metal
    Gravadora: Tales from the Pit Records
    Track list:
    1. Satan's Wings
    2. Until the Day I Die
    3. Evil Desire
    4. Evil (Is Going On) (Willie Dixon cover)
    5. Beyong the Door
    6. Remorse
    7. You Dead
    8. The Black Cloud Comes
    9. God's Intervention  
    10. Bless the Dead  
    11. Unholy Son  
    12. Lost in Tomorrow 
    R$ 20,00Preço


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