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Thy Light - Compendium 2Cd Digibook
  • Thy Light - Compendium 2Cd Digibook

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    Thy Light - Compendium 2Cd Digibook 



    Estado: novo

    Estilo: Black Metal

    Gravadora: Sphera Noctis 


    Track list:


    Disc 1 - Suici.De.pression

    1. Suici.De.Pression (Introduction to My End)

    2. In My Last Mourning...

    3. A Crawling Worm in a World of Lies

    4. I Am the Bitter Taste of Gall

    5. ...and I Finally Reach My End

    Disc 2 - No Morrow Shall Dawn

    1. Suici.De.spair

    2. Wanderer of Solitude

    3. No Morrow Shall Dawn

    4. Corredor Seco

    5. The Bridge



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