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Demonic Rage - Omen of Doom Cd
  • Demonic Rage - Omen of Doom Cd

    Bem vindo a loja virtual Black Hearts Records:

    Demonic Rage - Omen of Doom Cd


    Estado: novo

    Estilo: Death Metal

    Gravadora: Old Temple

    Track list:

    1.The Occult Formulas to Desecrate Souls

    2.Shadows of Prophecy

    3.Crucifixion Wounds (Profanatica Cover)

    4.Ascending Heresies in Blasphemy

    5.Desecrating the False Divinity

    6.Repugnant Shapes in Aritualistic Coven of Death

    7.Sulphuric Congregation Towards...

    8.The Preacher's Deadmasses

    9.Drowned by the Shadows

    10.Elder Revenge

    11.Cadaver Christ's Desecration

    12.The Malefice (Pentagram Cover)

    13.The Beginning of Apocalyptic Enlightenment

    14.Everlasting Plagues of Nauseous Wickedness

    15.Desecrating the False Divinity

    16.Cadaver Christ's Desecration

    17.Evoking the Pestilence

    18.Desecrating the False Divinity

    19.Nephast Existence

    20.Nailed Christ



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