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Blood Vengeance - Iron Warfare CD

Blood Vengeance - Iron Warfare CD

Bem vindo a loja virtual de BLACK HEARTS RECORDS
Descrição de produto:
Blood Vengeance - Iron Warfare CD
Estado: Cd novo
Estilo: Black/Death Metal
Gravadora: Soul Erazer Records
1. Intro  
2. Attack by Command
3. Iron Warfare
4. Bleed  
5. Last Day of Humanity
6. Murder in Mind  
7. Portal to Hell  
8. Panzerschlag  
9. Warcult Vengeance  
10. Panzerschlag  
11. Exterminate the Mankind  
12. Goatfukk Sodomy  
13. Gasmasked Ritual  
14. Dead by Exorcism  
15. Chambers of Death  
16. End All Life  
17. Burning Heaven  
18. Blow the Goat


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